Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Transformers Convention Exclusive data sheet

The data sheet has been moved to a dedicated site.  It may be found at this location.


  1. Hi! Found your site linked from Plastic Crack.

    I was at BotCon 99 (among others). I did not purchase Windrazor/Sandstorm. So uh, I guess there was at least one set left. :)

  2. Thanks for writing!

    Of course, the "1 per attendee" calculation is guesswork at best. Not only are there attendees like you who don't buy the exclusives, but usually the convention organizers open up to allow folks who already bought a set to get more towards the end of the convention. For all I know, there were no exclusives left at the end of the convention (rather than about 100, as I suggest). Only the organizers of the convention can say for sure, assuming even THEY remember!

  3. As far as the Botcon Japan exclusives go, I know that the Japanese dealer guys who come to *every* BotCon have had tons of them pretty much every year I went - they actually handed out one of each to people in the hotel lobby at BC05 rather than carry them back to Japan. (well, had all interested parties do a round-robin rock-paper-scissors tournament for them, anyway - there were about a dozen people clamoring for them.)

    Given that, IIRC, Fumihko (sp?), the dude who *organized* BC Japan, is part of that group, I would assume he wound up sitting on quite a few.



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