Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Name is NicodemusLegend!

I've been trying to be more conscious about my web presence lately.  In some forums, I use my real name, and no doubt will continue to do so for a while yet, since I think that anonymity is the enemy of open dialogue.  In others (especially Transformers-related ones), I use G.B. Blackrock, and again, that will probably continue, since that's how people know me in those venues.  But there are times when using my real name simply isn't appropriate in an online venue, and those periods in "G.B. Blackrock" don't play nicely with certain web standards, such as in an e-mail address, or a Twitter username.

I've also been trying to figure out how to promote this blog a bit better.  I thought about changing my Twitter account to "Transforming Seminarian," to tie it more explicitly to this blog.  Unfortunately, it seems that "Transforming Seminarian" is too long to work as a Twitter username.

So, what else should I try?  I've been referring to myself as "B-W" on this blog since more or less when it started nearly five years ago.  It's a reference to my real last name, Baker-Wright, that I latched on to shortly after getting married.  But if you don't know me already, "B-W" isn't a very strong identity.  I decided to go with the name I've been using in non-Transformers venues for a decade or more now: "Nicodemus Legend" (or, more properly, "NicodemusLegend," given the fact that many web venues don't like spaces in usernames, either!).  It's pretty unique, so far as I've been able to tell.  I've yet to come across a venue in which the name was already taken (on the couple of occasions where I thought it was being used already, I soon discovered that I was the person who created it, and I'd simply forgotten!), and thus the name is readily attached to me, at least in most places where one is likely to find it, yet it's just enough removed from my actual name to discourage spambots.

Of course, I didn't create the name, myself.  Nicodemus Legend is the namesake of a show from 1995 called LegendI've written a little about it here, and already have plans to do so a bit more in the not-too-distant future.  With the exception of a blog I did for The Price is Right for all of about two weeks (don't bother looking for it.  I deleted it, and don't even have copies of anything I wrote for that myself, anymore), it remains to this day the only television show I've cared about enough to devote an entire site to (unless you argue that this is a site dedicated to the Transformers television show, which I think is a stretch in the extreme, since I focus much more on the toys themselves).  Adapting the nom de guerre of Nicodemus Legend (which, itself, was the "nom de guerre" of the Legend character Ernest Pratt, in Pratt's own words) has simply made sense.

So, although I expect traces of "B-W" will remain on this site, especially in older parts that I haven't thought to go back and edit, I'm going by "NicodemusLegend" here at Transforming Seminarian from here on out.  Now I don't even have to change my Twitter account!

UPDATE: 3/14/11 - Actually, I've changed my mind, and will go by "Transforming Seminarian" here.  "NicodemusLegend" remains my Twitter account, and until/unless I can change that to reflect the full "Transforming Seminarian" name, it will continue to do so.


  1. ok if we just call you Legend? NicodemusLegend can be a bit unwieldy to type. ;)



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