Monday, September 30, 2013

The Transformers Thunderous Thirty #10 - Cliffjumper

Some Autobots are cool, calm, rational beings. These are robots who strive for peace at all times, looking for the least violent solution to every situation, even while recognizing that they are in a battle against evil.

Cliffjumper is not one of these Autobots.

This is not to suggest that Cliffjumper is someone who, like Sunstreaker, blurs the lines between good and evil. To the contrary, Cliffjumper has very clear ideas of right and wrong. Cliffjumper's attitude is more along the lines of "if you're not for us, you're against us." This black-and-white ideology, coupled with a hot temper and an impetuous nature that nearly always causes him to act first and ask questions later, does mean that Cliffjumper can often get himself into trouble, and he can possibly make a bad situation worse if his impulses aren't kept in check by his fellow Autobots. But in emergency situations where decisive action is required, Cliffjumper is a great Autobot to have around.

Believe it or not, Cliffjumper's original 1984 alternate mode is actually supposed to be a Porche 924, but the "Penny Racer" super-deformation inherent to all of the early Minicars obscures this more than a little bit. Indeed, it's pretty easy to see why so many kids thought that this car was the same vehicle as Bumblebee's Volkswagen Beetle, just in red, despite the real cars looking little like each other. This misconception hasn't been helped by the fact that most more modern Cliffjumper toys (with one notable exception) have been Bumblebee repaints or remolds. Surely this is a wrong that Cliffjumper should be fighting to make right!

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