Monday, March 27, 2006

The Rarest Transformers of All Time

A once in a lifetime opportunity is currently developing on eBay, as BotCon originators and highly respected Transformers fans Jon and Karl Hartman will be selling off some of their collection of G2 Stunticons and G2 Protectobots. A new auction is supposed to be listed every day or so. Here's the first one, for G2 Protectobot First Aid.

For those who do not follow Transformers closely, it is worth emphasizing that these are some of the rarest Transformers ever made. A small handful (estimates are at about a half dozen) were made, in packaging, as test items, before Hasbro decided to cancel the Generation Two (G2) line altogether in favor of what became "Beast Wars." Very few Transformers items ever get this far along the production process without actually making it to mass production on toy store shelves, making these some of the rarest Transformers of all time.

One of these toys actually did get produced in somewhat higher (although still rare) numbers as the very first BotCon exclusive, G2 Breakdown. The back of the packaging shows the other four Stunticons, although these were never actually sold to the general public, even at BotCon. This has allowed the G2 Stunticons (and the G2 Protectobots) to reach near-mythical status as items most of us knew existed, even if we've never actually seen them.

So, if you have a few hundred dollars to spend on toys you'll likely never want to take out of the packages, feel free to bid. For the rest of us, it's still worth checking on the auctions to see these pieces of seldom documented Transformers history. I'll add links to the other actions as they appear in the coming days.

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