Sunday, April 02, 2006

Rare Transformer Auctions update

I was apparently mistaken when I said last week that a new G2 Protectobot or G2 Stunticon would be posted on eBay every day or so. It now appears that we'll be looking at a new item once a week (in fact, the second auction in this series has yet to appear as of 8:47 PDT). The first auction, for the G2 Protectobot First Aid, closed with a winning bid of $3050! (And, yes, shipping will be extra.)

For those who may be interested in these toys, but don't feel you can spend a month and a half's worth of your paycheck on them, I observe that knock-offs of the Protectobots can often be found at discount chains such as Big Lots for $5 for the entire set of 5 robots. If you like, go ahead and buy a set of paints and you can customize your own "G2" Protectobots for a miniscule fraction of the cost of these auctions. (Sorry, I do not know if knock-offs of the Stunticons are available. There used to be a set including 3 of the 5 Stunticons (and 2 molds from a completely different set) out there some time ago, but I haven't seen these in some time, nor have I ever seen knock-offs of the remaining two Stunticon molds.)

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