Friday, January 05, 2007

Now Daleks Everywhere Shall Fear Me!

Finally got myself a Sonic Screwdriver from a toy company in the UK. I couldn't resist striking a pose. Now I'm ready to save the universe!

If you're not familiar with Doctor Who, then this post will mean nothing to you. Perhaps I'll have something more edifying on Monday. Or perhaps not. :)


  1. I am edified by the sheer geeky goodness of this image!

  2. Um. A real sonic screwdriver?

    I mean... in this day age, it sounds plausible.

  3. eek! But Tom Baker was always so smily and cordial-like, whereas you look so... scary!!! hehe... cool new toy, though.

  4. Actually, the pose was meant to evoke one of the publicity images of David Tennant with the Sonic Screwdriver, where Tennant looks much more serious than one would associate with Tom Baker.

  5. And, yes, I know I have Tom Baker's scarf. I don't have a suit like Tennant's!



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