Friday, April 29, 2005

Lazy days of pre-summer

It's a pretty slow time for finding Transformers in stores at the moment. Hasbro seems to have decided that the repaint "Universe" line isn't doing as well as they'd like, and the rumors are that no new "Universe" toys are forthcoming. The main "Energon" line is in limbo, awaiting the beginning of the new "Cybertron" line in a couple of months. And the "Alternators" line, while assumed to be ongoing, has not been replenished in the Toys R Uses, Targets or Wal-Marts I've been to in months now, despite rumors of new toy sightings elsewhere in the country throughout most of that time.

Conventional wisdom is that this is a slow time for toys. The Christmas rush is long past, and the kids aren't yet on summer vacation, so stores see little point in investing in new stuff. For those of us who are adult collectors, this can be most infuriating.

This isn't to say that the dedicated TF fan can do nothing but wait on the whims of big chain marketing. I've already shown off these bits that I created this past week to house some old Happy Meal toys, as well as this package that I'd done several months ago. I've also been interested in the occasional custom TF, such as these Action Masters done by another TF fan, or these repaints that I created myself some time ago.

Taking old scrap toys and repainting them is certainly cheaper than buying new toys (and MUCH cheaper than buying a decent custom from another fan, who not only deserves to be paid for their talent and skill, but also has to ship the custom), but there's still something special about being able to walk to a store and see the new TF packages on the shelves. Even if don't buy any (which is often the case, given my budget), it nice to see some variety once in a while. Unfortunately, it seems as though I may have to wait for July....

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