Tuesday, May 31, 2005


As I think through what to write on the blog today, I find that there are a great many things I'd like to complain about, and little in the way of positive outlook to offer. Some of these are pet peeves (Mr. President, for the billionth time, it's pronounced "NOO-klee-ahr", not "NOOK-yoo-lar." It's pronounced like it's spelled....), and others are more serious (my wife's end-of-quarter workload is rather overwhelming, and there seems little I can do to help. To make matters worse, she's being rather "dumped on" by both her employers and the small group that she is assigned to for one of these end-of-quarter assignments.). However, I would rather not have my blog become nothing more than a complain-fest....

So, in an attempt to provide myself with some perspective, I'm simply going to conclude by quoting the chorus of one of David LaMotte's songs (written after some inspiration from Robert Frost's "Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening")

From "Dark and Deep"
by David LaMotte

If I could die just for a moment
Let these worries work themselves out
If it would all go on without me
Tell me what's all this worry about
A promise is not like a moment
A moment's not something you keep
I've made too many promises lately
And the woods are lovely, dark and deep

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