Thursday, May 26, 2005

Support your (not-so) local independent musician

It occurs to me that I've gone almost an entire month without mentioning folk artist David LaMotte! How could I have been so negligent? For those of you who aren't familiar with David (which I'm sure is most of you), he is an independent folk artist based out in Western North Carolina (near where I went to college) who has been playing professionally for about 15 years now. You can check him out at, where you can also find ordering info and a few songs available for free download.

One of the songs I often recommend to David LaMotte newbies is "Peter." It one of few songs in his repertoire that is explicitly influenced by his Christian upbringing. I'm one of those people who often makes fun of "Christian art" as being cookie-cutter or somehow empty, something that we should never be when putting our Christian faith on public display. I truly believe that many would-be believers are driven away from Christ by the way that Christians talk and act when proclaiming themselves as "Christian." David LaMotte takes another route. He very seldom talks about his faith. He's certainly too liberal for many Christians. But he does what he's called to do (write and play music), does it very well, and lets his faith be a part of that in a very organic way.

"Peter" is a wonderful example of a non-standard message that is entirely within the bounds of what Scripture says to us. If it's a "Christian" song, it's a song meant to make "Christians" rethink their faith, as opposed to make us feel good about ourselves. There's too much "preaching to the choir" already. I invite you to listen to it, and make whatever comments you wish here.


  1. unrelated, but gotta say it. bw, I'm glad you're keepin' a blog.




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