Thursday, September 22, 2005

A New Fundraising Idea?

Fred over at Slacktivist is a newspaper reporter who often comments on political issues of interest to me. (He also has an often hilarious commentary of why "Left Behind" is so bad that he adds to every Friday, but I digress) Today, he posted on the issue of President Bush's pledge to help those affected by Hurricane Katrina in their recovery efforts. A pledge made with one breath while, the very next time he exhaled, Bush promised not to raise taxes, suggesting that somehow more cuts could be made to pay the cost (a suggestion that even fellow Repulicans are saying is ludicrous). This is an issue I commented on just the other day. Fred's done me one better. He not only comments on how irresponsible it is to make such a promise while refusing to pay for it, but adds in commentary on one of the other things I like to make fun of: the yellow "Support Our Troops" magnets that many people put on their cars to tell you that they're better than you because they "support" troops with warm fuzzy feelings.

But why should I keep going on? Fred says it so much better, so I'll simply direct you to his post.

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  1. Glad to see you haven't let temporary torpor stand in the way of a daily post :) Keep it up, keep it up -- your readers appreciate you!



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