Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Prayer request

I would greatly appreciate your prayers over the next month. An appointment to the optometrist to get new glasses last month has turned into a series of visits to various health professionals in a sequence of "hoop jumps" designed to appease my health insurance representatives. A likely benign pigmentation was discovered at that original eye examination, and I was encouraged to see an ophthalmologist to have the phenomenon photographed in case there is any change. This pigmentation was also observed 3 years ago, and there has seemed to be no change during that time, and so there has been little cause for concern.

However, to meet the requirements of my health insurance, I couldn't just go see an ophthalmologist. Rather, I had to visit my regular doctor to get a referral. This has meant that, by the time I finally got to the ophthalmologist yesterday, I had been to three different doctors, having to pay the $10 co-pay each time, and have had to ask for half-days off of work on each occasion.

It turns out I'm not done yet! Upon observing the pigmentation, the ophthalmologist is concerned about possible retinal detachment, and asked to see me again in one month. If there is any change, I may have to have surgery. It should be noted that, if there is any such problem, it must be slow-moving, as this was observed by the optometrist 3 years ago, as I said previously.

So, best case scenario, I have to do another $10 co-pay, and I'll probably need to have regular examinations for a while. Worst-case, I go blind.... :( (Although that's a rather unlikely scenario. I'm probably more scared of the possibility of surgery at this point....)

In any event, I'd appreciate your prayers throughout this time. Thanks!

(You know, I don't think the ophthalmologist ever did take that picture....)

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