Friday, September 30, 2005

Tom Are sermons: epilogue

I'm sorry for getting the August 11, 1989 sermon posted late. (It should have posted last Friday, and I only finally got it posted late last night.) This has been the first week of classes for the Fall quarter at my seminary, which is always an intense time. But this year, it seems to have affected me more than usual, and I found myself extremely tired, even when I had the occasional moment to catch my breath.

The Friday sermon was a particularly interesting experience for me. For each of the sermons I transcribed, I tend to go through the whole thing over again after I've finished the first draft, and I invariably find mistakes that I made in my original transcription. Usually important stuff, like leaving out the word "no" or "not" when the addition of that word completely changes the meaning of the sentence, or forgetting to include the object of a verb.

The particular recording I used for Friday's message was of considerably lower quality than the other recordings, which were all over 15 years old, and recorded onto CDs from aging audio cassettes. I found that I had to keep my ear fixed as close to my player as possible, even with the volume turned up to its highest level, just to make out what was being said. And even then, there were a few phrases that I just couldn't quite make heads or tails of....

Thankfully, I had made some very rough MP3s of these recordings a few years ago. I had deemed them too painful to listen to due to static, which is why I'd paid to have the CDs made. But the MP3s had the advantage of being manipulated through my computer(of the time)'s sound editing software. This enabled me to make out those few phrases that I'd had trouble with before.

It was actually a surprise that, even with such technical issues, I should have trouble making out such phrases anyway. I've listened to these tapes dozens of times over the years, although admittedly not so much recently until I decided to take on this project. But I came to realize that I'd actually not paid as much attention to Friday's sermon, which does not have so much of the humor that marked the other sermons. As important as I had considered these sermons to be to me personally, I still had managed to "tune out" during some of the important parts!

I am thankful that I have had a new opportunity to "rediscover" these "lost" portions of Friday's message. I intend to leave the link to Rev. Are's sermons on this page for the forseeable future. I hope that a new generation of people will have an opportunity to be blessed by them.

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