Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A Social Event

This past Friday, I went with my wife to see a friend (the same friend I talked about here, for those keeping track) give a concert at our seminary's coffee shop. Besides enjoying her performance, we had the opportunity to touch base with several folks we haven't seen in quite a while. One friend, who graduated last year, is visiting from Boston. We learned that another just got engaged. And after the concert, my wife and I got to spend time with another friend and her husband over dessert.

Especially now that I've graduated from seminary myself, I don't often have the opportunity to just be "social" like I used to. I'm fortunate that my job is such that many students come by my office in order to pick up papers or get in touch with professors, but even though I get to see a lot of my friends this way, it's usually in the context of the purpose for which they came by, and is almost always all too short. So an event like this is a welcome change for me.

I'm reminded of the time when I was a student, and a major point of discussion among students on campus was the lack of opportunity for "community" (at times variously defined) on campus. Although I still reject the notion, often asserted at the time, that "community" is entirely up to the individual to "find" (suggesting that the seminary has done everything they can, and can't do anything more), it is undeniable that being social requires effort. For those of us who have an introverted disposition, perhaps it requires more work than for others. I'm glad I made the effort to attend this concert, and am likewise glad that the seminary is making such events possible.

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