Friday, January 06, 2006

Pat Robertson is an Idiot

Nothing should surprise me anymore. Now Pat Robertson is trying to say that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's recent life-threatening stroke is God's punishment for the Gaza pull-out.

And, like he did with his comments on Hugo Chavez (but, oddly, not for his comments on Dover, Pennsylvania), he's already trying to backpedal with a press release on his own web site that in no way makes his position look any better.

This man knows nothing about proper Biblical interpretation (suffice it to say, the portion of the book of Joel that Robertson refers to was talking about something rather different when it pronounced judgement on those who "divided up [God's] land"), nor apparently anything about the nature of God. Does anyone still want to claim that Christians (of any stripe) should listen to him? Even the conservative White House has to denouce Robertson's remarks!

UPDATE: 1/12/06 - Robertson has issued a formal apology, but it's worth noting that his belief in his misinterpretation of the book of Joel remains the same, and Robertson makes no attempt whatsoever to suggest he was actually wrong, only that his remarks were "in appropriate and insensitive." Even worse, before he even gets to the actual apology, he takes a dig at the media for not broadcasting his more positive sentiments toward Israel. One wonders if he'd even be making this attempt if his remarks hadn't cost Robertson a $50 million deal for a "Christian Heritage Center" in the heart of Israel.


  1. First, I disagree with what Mr Robertson said about Sharon.

    Secondly, I believe Mr Robertson and his program have been used by God to do many great things for the Kingdom.

    And, the opinions of a 75-year-old preacher, concerning Old testament teachings and current events, is reported as news only because it suits the secular media’s agenda to report it as news.

    How do we handle Pat Robertson? I think we disagree with him publicly and defend him personally as we would our own brother. . . because he is.

    So basically I agree with you (you're obviously better educated in the scriptures that I) but I'm not so quick to harshly castigate Another's servant.

    I like your site and will return.

  2. Thank you for your comments, and I certainly appreciate your attitude. I will concede that I used far harsher language for Mr. Robertson than I generally wish to use on this site.

    I also agree with you that God has used Robertson to do many great things for the Kingdom. But this is a testimony to the power and goodness of God. Robertson has also done a great many things that have brought damage to the reputation of God, and of Christianity. It is for this reason that I speak out against Robertson.

    As to the secular media's agenda, you may have a point. But it seems to me that Robertson gets to make these kind of statements only because of his own relationship to the media, and his up-to-now guaranteed venue every day through the "700 Club" (which, incidentally, is where he originally made the offending remarks).

    Quick history lesson, for anyone who doesn't know: Robertson founded the television station now known as the "ABC Family" channel way back in the early 1960s (although it didn't move to cable until 1977). The station was then known as "CBN" (the "Christian Broadcasting Network"). Robertson's program, the "700 Club" grew out of fundraisers designed to support this station. (For more information, see this site)

    Although the station was sold in 1990, and again in 1997 and 2001, Robertson was able to include a clause in the contract that obligated whoever owned the station (even through multiple resellings) to carry the "700 Club." This is why Disney (current owner of the ABC Family Channel) carries the show, which is inarguably far removed from Disney's own "family" agenda.

    While it may be that the secular media picks up on Robertson's statements and runs with them, Robertson has plenty of power to spread whatever message he wants to even if they choose to ignore him.



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