Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Administrative Professionals Week

This week is the official "Administrative Professionals Week," commonly referred to by most people as "National Secretaries Week," despite the official name change in 2000. I mention this out of at least some measure of self-interest, as this observance is intended to recognize people like me: people who serve in administrative positions that are often unseen and unheard, but which are essential to the function of an institution. In fact, although my full title these days is "Assistant to the Faculty and Dean's Office," occasionally I myself still go with the job's former title (actually changed to "Faculty Assistant" before I assumed the position) of "Faculty Secretary" out of convenience.

I have no suggestions on how you should observe this event for the "administrative professionals" in your own circles. Suffice it to say, "you gotta be nice to me this week!" ;)

P.S. Just in case the week wasn't enough, the IAAP actually still has a specific "Administrative Professionals Day" on the Wednesday of the week. But I have other plans for tomorrow's blog entry....

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