Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Top Ten disclaimer

It was just brought to my attention yesterday that the Top Ten list I've posted on a couple of occasions has been adapted for The Christian Century, somewhat abbreviated and under the heading "Ten reasons for NOT ordaining men". It appears in the April 18, 2006 issue. Whoever submitted it was nice enough to give me credit by saying the list was "adapted from".

I'm quite flattered. While I was aware that this list was circulating on a number of blogs since the "Grid Blog" event, getting mentioned in a magazine as prominent as this is another matter entirely, and I'm not quite sure I'm up to the responsibility that goes with it....

However, since this blog is the only source given for that list, and since the title is changed somewhat, someone coming here having read the list in The Christian Century may not realize that I did not actually write this list, nor be able to readily locate my version. I have decided that, despite my reluctance to name my professors in the past, I really need to give as much information as I can, so here it is:

I originally received this list a few years ago from Dr. David M. Scholer during a class entitled "Women, the Bible, and the Church." He informed us at the time that the list did not originate with him, either, and that he did not know the original source, but that he got it via an internet communication from others back in 1997. He made a few modifications to the list he received, and I have since made a few modifications of my own (most notably changing the reference to "basketball tournaments" from "cricket matches").

I am glad to see that the list has proven popular, although I am also aware that even a few feminists have taken exception to it (often apparently assuming that the list advocates "reverse discrimination," which is certainly not the intent, although I am somewhat sympathetic to the concern). It is, and has always been, my hope that this list may prove a humorous, tongue-in-cheek, attempt to shine some light on how silly some of the traditional arguments, i.e., those used by people against the full participation of women (and men) in all forms of ministry, truly are.

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