Friday, August 11, 2006

The Price of Security

As is well-known by now, the British government yesterday thwarted an attempt by terrorists to destroy plans using explosive ingredients hidden in otherwise normal-looking liquid products. As a result, airports around the world are now banning the presence of such liquids and gels on travelers' carry-on luggage.

Although it is still permissible for travelers to place such items in their checked-in luggage (provided, of course, that they have not already checked their luggage in when they learn of the new regulations) a great many bottles of wine, perfume, shampoo, and other items are simply being thrown away.

I do not wish to second-guess the need for such precautions. However, the sheer amount of wasted product is simply staggering. I hope at least that local homeless shelters are being permitted to take advantage of the abandoned toiletries to provide aid to those who need it.

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