Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Preparing for Christmas

I don't know if it's a sign that I'm getting older, or that I may simply be getting too busy, but this year, as has been increasingly true for the past few years, Christmastime is sneaking up on me again. It's not really that I don't know it's coming. I've been preparing Advent podcasts for weeks now, and have already finished the special podcast scheduled for the Christmas Eve worship service (will be posted Sunday night, see the podcast page for updates). But the problem is, it hasn't really felt like Christmas all that much, and a lot of the preparations needed to get ready for Christmas (decorating the house, making sure presents are sent off, getting the Christmas letter written) are simply not ready yet.

As an Evangelical Christian, I don't need reminding that those kinds of preparations aren't really what the season's about. I hope that I can say with integrity that, even if I'm missing out on a lot of the other preparations, I still understand "the reason for the season" (which I admit is an irritatingly trite phrase, and I promise not to use it again). But I do believe that a lot of the not-explicitly-religious facets of the Christmas season are important, too. It is a time to catch up with family. It is a season of giving. It is a time to make an extra effort to be kind to people (which is not to say one shouldn't be kind all the time, but rather that, being human, we often need to have an "extra push" to do the right thing).

So, anyway, to all those family and friends who have been asking what I want for Christmas, my apologies for not being more on the ball. If it helps, I am including here a couple of links.

My Wish ListThe first one is to my Wish List. I have tried to be careful to include things that, while I would like, I will not be likely to buy for myself before Christmas.

The other link is on the sidebar, and is a bit more... simplistic, being a link to donate cash to my PayPal account. I know that many people feel that it isn't appropriate to give cash for Christmas, and I agree that a well-chosen gift can be a lot more memorable and fosters closer personal connections. But it is still a fact that cash would be helpful in my current place in life, so I'll include the link nevertheless. Incidentally, when sending e-mail related to the blog (or the podcast), please use the e-mail link at the top of the sidebar, rather than the address connected to these accounts.

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