Wednesday, March 21, 2007

At Your Service

(I haven't forgotten about Astrotrain and Airazor. I just still don't have them yet. The good news is that FedEx tells me that the package is on the truck being delivered today, so I'll either have them today, or I'll get one of those infuriating little notes that tells me that the delivery guy couldn't find me, which always is the case because, like many people, I actually work for a living, and I'm never at home during the hours that these things end up being delivered. Still, I should have them in time for a review on Friday... well after the rest of the Transformers world has already reviewed these things....)

Yesterday, I attended an all-day seminar on dealing with difficult or demanding customers. Between various people at all levels of seminary life, I've certainly had my share, and it was nice to get the opportunity to affirm things that I already knew and gain insights on new things that I might try in dealing with this perennial problem.

Oddly, thinking about this topic reminds me of my experience at several fast food restaurants in my area. I have, more times than I care to admit, been the "difficult" customer when at such restaurants, especially when the cashier has trouble understanding what I've just ordered (which seems to happen quite a bit).

On the flip side, there's a Burger King that I often go to for lunch (it's on Lake Avenue in Pasadena, for those who care) that has never failed to treat me well. The manager not only knows me by name, but knows that my "usual" is two Whopper Jrs. and a small Coke (A full meal for only $3.25, including tax!). Indeed, I occasionally find myself in the somewhat amusing position of having to stop her from ordering ahead for me as soon as she sees me in line if I want to order something unusual (this doesn't happen often).

Such friendly service is hard to find these days, especially at a fast food place. This Burger King should be commended for it.

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