Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Taking a Quick Break

Although I had plans for different entry today (sorry, to those who I've already told about it!), it would be inappropriate to do what I had planned without taking a break to comment briefly on the tragic shootings at Virginia Tech on Monday. I have no words of wisdom to offer here. Only deep sadness and anger at the fact that such things continue to happen in this messed up world. The entry I wrote on Monday was done well before I heard anything about the attacks, and I am angered to have heard some folks making comments in response to them (already!) that sound a lot like what I was complaining about there. (I won't repeat the comments here, nor offer links to give them any more attention than they deserve, except to say that taking this tragedy as an opportunity to self-righteously say "this is what happens" when a particular interpretation of Christianity is not adhered to seems to me to be tacky in the extreme.)

I'll be back on Friday with the bit I'd intended for today.

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