Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Alpha Trion Rampage Continues

A couple of times over the past week, I've commented briefly in the context of other issues that a figure that appears to be a repaint of Vector Prime as Alpha Trion has been showing up on eBay. Alpha Trion is a character from the old '80s Transformers cartoon, and is notable for being one of the oldest Transformers, and for "creating" Optimus Prime (the cartoon actually says that he rebuilt a Transformer named "Orion Pax" as Prime, but that seems to be enough to call him "creator" for most folks).

To date, over 20 of these toys have shown up on eBay. That's an unusually huge number of toys for something that hasn't been released to the general market yet. Since these "Alpha Trions" have almost certainly been stolen, I'll not be posting links here. But the sheer quantity of "Alpha Trions" out there is very odd. Most folks think that this will be a BotCon exclusive. But no BotCon exclusive has ever been leaked before the convention in these numbers. The previous record holder seems to be pre-Beast-Wars Megatron, for which a little over a dozen toys leaked onto eBay over the course of a couple of months. We've already seen nearly twice that many in only a week or so!

Some folks are theorizing that this might be a sign that "Alpha Trion" is intended for mass release instead for a convention. Although nothing would make me happier, it's hard to imagine this being true. It's also a possibility that "Alpha Trion" will be available through the Transformers club in greater quantity than the convention exclusive would allow. But even this seems a bit of a long shot.

Fact is, we'll have to wait to find out for sure. In the meantime, I know it's tempting. I was tempted myself when those first "Alpha Trions" were going on eBay for fairly low prices. But please don't encourage these thieves by buying these items on eBay. It only encourages more of this kind of behavior in the future.


  1. Holy smokes! I was away this weekend. This is the first I've heard about it.

    If not Botcon, San Diego perhaps? Though I'm thinking that's where we're going to see that Alt Rodimus turn up.mfeqxwg

  2. In all the comments I've read on this, I think ONE person mentioned San Diego, which I affirmed would be cool. Then nothing more was suggested about it.

    A remolded San Diego Comic-Con TF exclusive would be unprecedented, but would indeed be VERY cool. I still think something through Fun Publications is more likely, but I wouldn't mind being proven wrong here.

  3. Don't count San Diego out for new/remolded figures. My wife is a huge She-Ra collector and Mattel released a brand new sculpt of the character as a SDCC exclusive in 2004.

    Unprecedented for Hasbro, perhaps.

    Maybe they'll splurge a little since Nemesis Prime sold so well last year?

  4. Not even unprecedented for Hasbro. Just unprecedented for Transformers.

    And, if anything, I'd have thought the Nemesis Prime fiasco would have put the off of doing another TF exclusive so soon.

  5. This is really strange (and completely irrelevant to your post):

    I was doing an image search for Action Master packaging, and one of the images that popped up is this comic about "Churchbot," on your blog somewhere. Curious, I clicked it. I scrolled down the entries, not finding the picture, but instead finding pictures of last year's Botcon. I noticed one of you getting your picture taken with Mr. Cullen, and I said wait--no way!

    I stood in front of you in line for that autograph. If you don't remember me, I was the one who had to go buy an autograph ticket about 30-45 minutes into the line. You may have also taken the picture of me getting my autograph (which turned out marvelously, by the way).

    Anyway, pretty neat coincidence. Also neat is that I, too, am a Christian and a Transformers fan. And I have a blogspot, too, which hasn't been updated in a few months (but probably will eventually).

  6. Hey! Good to hear from you! Glad to hear the picture turned out (not to mention being able to get that ticket, since I remember that they had to stop giving them to folks, the line was getting so long).

    If it helps with your original search, I expect that this link will get you to the Churchbot comic. I'm not entirely clear why the google links so haphazardly go to other spots....



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