Monday, October 22, 2007

Blasts From the Past: Montreat Youth Conference Planning Team

Although I consider myself a fairly technologically savvy person, it takes me a bit of time to "warm up" to some of the latest trends. Now that I'm fairly comfortable with the world of blogging (I've only been at it for two and a half years now!), I've started checking out some of the social networking websites. My first reaction to these has been that they are definitely targeted for an audience quite a bit younger than myself: people still in college or younger. But I have nonetheless found quite a few friends from the various walks of my life in this process, and it has been interesting getting back in touch after so long.

Now that my wife has started her PhD studies, I've considered my own life to be at a bit of a crossroads, as well. I don't expect to be doing what I've been doing for the past chapter of my life for that much longer, and feel that it is time for me to move on to something new. What that will look like, I still don't know, but part of my effort to determine this has been a fairly conscious effort to reclaim parts of my past that I have neglected or forgotten, and getting in touch with old friends has been an interesting part of that. As I see what the people that I used to spend so much of my time with are doing today, I remember more of where I used to be myself, and recognize more consciously how much has changed in the time since then.

This past weekend, I've been spending most of my time trying to reorganize the room in our apartment where I do most of my computer work. I've had boxes and piles of paper piling up, and have had trouble finding places to store it all properly. As I was sorting through all this material, I found this pamphlet that was used as part of the Youth Conference I was on the planning team for back in 1992. It detailed the schedule for the weeks of the conference I was responsible for, and lists many of the various people who contributed. I've mentioned this period of my life before, but it's hard to emphasize just how important being a part of this group was to me during that time of my life. A bit of disclaimer: I expect that this material is still copyrighted by the Mountain Retreat Association. Since the conference is now 15 years old, I expect that there should be no objection to my making the pamphlet available through the internet, but if someone from there should have any concerns (and I have indeed reconnected to a few people in a position to say so over the past few weeks), just let me know, and I'll see that the file is taken back down.

I've also found a series of pictures I had taken during some of the planning team meetings. These were either in the Spring or Fall of 1991, but I no longer remember which, for sure. I'm sure I have other (and better!) pictures somewhere, but haven't yet rediscovered them. I'll put up another post if I can find them.

EDIT (1/1/08): Found another one!

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