Friday, October 26, 2007

Red Letters: The Debate Continues... Well, Kinda

Tony Campolo's posted another follow-up to the "Red Letter Christian" debate, and since I've so recently mentioned it, it seems important to show that the debate continues. However, I'm not sure that there's really anything new here, and I wonder why he bothered.

One "sort of" new element, at least in regard to this particular discussion, is the disclosure that "RLCs" are avoiding the term "evangelical," because of it's connections (rightly or wrongly, as Campolo himself acknowledges) to the "Religious Right." Of course, this isn't exactly "new," but it does echo what I said on Wednesday about words having meaning.

But most of this article is simply a rehash of Campolo's original response to Guthrie, only not written directly to Guthrie this time. Since both this response and Campolo's original both seem to have been written for the "God's Politics" blog, and therefore will be read by the exact same audience, why bother? Campolo rehashes the same arguments about Jesus's statements about marriage and divorce vs. Moses's, as well as the same "eye for an eye" bit, without contributing anything new. Perhaps if he'd read my own responses to these arguments, we could move the debate ahead a bit, even if he would just give reasons why he doesn't think my arguments are compelling.

Of course, I'm just one blogger among thousands, and there's nothing special about my blog to make it particularly well-known, or particularly worthy of Campolo's attention. Such is life. But I do wish that, if Campolo wants to continue this debate (which is a fair debate to be having), he could contribute something new to the discussion beyond what he already said a couple of weeks ago.

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