Thursday, January 17, 2008

Music You Really Should Give a Listen To

First off, please accept my apologies for my extended and unexplained absence this past week. I'm still trying to deal with a few matters I'm not able to share publicly. Rest assured that I am well, and I'll get back to posting when I'm able.

I'm carving out a moment today to post because of a couple of college "reconnections" that happened yesterday via MySpace (I still like Facebook better, but I have to give credit where it's due). The first was from a college roommate who said "hi," which led me to the second via his page, and it's that second "reconnection" that I want to share here.

Jon Abel is singer/songwriter I knew while a student at Montreat College, who often led the music in various campus worship events. Even then, he had a reputation as an easygoing guy with a tremendous musical talent that everyone at the college simply adored. He has a heart for the Lord that comes across practically unfiltered in his music. If the clips he has made available through his MySpace page are any indication, that musical ability has only grown stronger in the years since college (has it been a decade already, Jon?). This isn't the kind of carbon-copy "Christian music" that you may be used to, simply regurgitating other people's styles and putting "Christian" lyrics on them. This is the real thing, coming from a real faith and real talent.

If you like his work, I'd encourage you to support him by buying his albums and/or songs via iTunes. It's worth it! (Incidentally, my former roommate is a musician/worship leader of no small ability, too. If/when I find that he's "gone public" in the same way, I'll post a similar link for him, also!)

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