Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Strike is Over (Really, this time)!

Despite some premature celebrations on both the Allspark and the TFW2005 boards earlier this week, the Writer's Strike is actually only over as of late last night (if you go by the vote) or today (if you count when writers are coming back to work). It should be made clear that the writers have so far only voted to return to work. The actual contract which is responsible for this action is going to be voted on by mail between now and February 25th, although it's hard to imagine the contract being rejected at this stage.

Although this means an eventual end to the current boon game shows are having, as networks are able to put more scripted dramas back on the screen soon (although expect another month or so for the new scripts to actually come to us as completed episodes), this is still good news... for most of us. Shows which were on the "bubble" when the strike began may not ever come back, and although some shows such as Pushing Daisies (my favorite new show this year) have been granted renewals for another season, it still remains to be seen how many episodes can be made for the current one, and that number is all-but-certain to be quite a bit lower than it would have been if the strike never happened in the first place.

But at the very least, the end of the strike means that a lot of people can get back to work. And I don't just mean writers. The majority of people who work in the television industry (and more than a few who work on movies) have been out of work and unable to earn their usual paychecks during this strike. And that's an especially significant number of people in Southern California, where quite a few friends and acquaintances (and their families!) have had their lives turned upside-down by this action. This isn't to say that the writers were wrong to strike. People have a right to get paid a fair value for their labor, and with the world of media changing, I think it was entirely reasonable to expect that writers be paid a certain amount of profits made from online media, and although the writers didn't get everything they wanted, they definitely managed to score victories in that key area.

I'm glad that it's over for now, and look forward to seeing the new shows when they come out.

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