Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Intense Days

My day yesterday took me to Los Angeles (for reasons I may explain in another entry later). My wife and I had previously made plans to travel to Manhattan Beach yesterday evening so that we can (finally!) work with our wedding photographer to have albums made for our parents. Since I was already essentially half-way there, I just went to Manhattan Beach in anticipation of meeting up with Michelle that evening. Unfortunately, after finally having made it to the right area, I got a phone call from her informing me that the photographer was sick, and had to reschedule.

Manhattan Beach is a pretty long drive from Monrovia, and by this time, rush-hour traffic was a reality, so it took me almost two hours to make it home from there. I was pretty tired by the end of it all.

Then, when checking my e-mail, I got a letter in regard to another extra-curricular (so to speak) activity I've been involved in (which I also can't talk about much at the moment), asking if I could meet them for an early lunch. I still have to check with my employer on that one, and having taken half of yesterday off for that endeavor, the timing really could have been better. Still, I think I'll be able to manage. It just makes for an intense back-to-back couple of days.

EDIT: I didn't know when I wrote this that I'd get a call later that same day from a cousin from Northern California. Their family was in Anaheim for a convention, and my grandparents were joining them from a little further south for dinner, and they wanted to know if Michelle and I could join them, as well. We took advantage of the opportunity, but that meant another long-ish road trip right after work, and another late arrival home. I'm tired!

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