Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Good Stuff from the Religious Blogs I Read Regularly

Another "catch all" entry, there's just so much good stuff in the various blogs I read that I felt I needed to share. I recommend using the "tabs" feature of your browser to open the various links so you can read the entries in question, allowing you to keep this page ready (without the need to refresh, as you'd have to do using the browser's "back" function) for the next link when you're done.

Stuff like this makes me proud to use the name "Evangelical" again. Even in the midst of a lot of the actions and statements made by some Evangelicals that leave a bad taste in my mouth, there are still those who "get it."

Evangelicalism has always been ecumenical for the sake of the gospel.

Evangelicalism has always dropped theological distinctives (confessional level statements of faith) for the sake of the gospel. (B-W jumping in to clarify: That is to say, we can agree to disagree, so long as there is the essential core of the gospel in common between us)

Evangelicalism’s approach has always been more like George Whitefield than Jonathan Edwards.

Having had the honor of having lunch with John Ortberg a few months ago, I've heard some of this before, but I find it an encouragement for myself and my wife in the midst of our own vocational discernment.
Giving credit where it's due, this response by Billy Graham to a question in his column is quite excellent.
My friend and former co-worker Chris Spinks has some decent reflections on whether or not everyone who discerns a call to ministry should, in fact, go to seminary.
There's been a bit of debate in the political sphere as to whether it is appropriate to talk to one's enemies, or if the only appropriate response is one of demonstrating military strength. Of course, I don't think that this is an "either/or" proposition, but this post at least demonstrates in concrete historical terms that the path of discussion can yield positive results, and that it is therefore inappropriate to criticize a candidate for continuing to hold that option open. (Also, this video, not from a site I regularly read, but connected through a comment on Spinks' site, gives a different argument, from a Republican mouth, for much the same thing.)

Slacktivist has an observation about C.S. Lewis' intentions behind the writing of Prince Caspian (the book, not the movie, of course) that may surprise some readers.

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  1. Mark,

    Thanks for the link. Stop by some more -- being that we seem to share a seminary connection.

    As for the issue of talk and appeasement -- talking to the enemy isn't appeasement, it is called diplomacy



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