Monday, June 09, 2008

My Dad, the Model Maker

The following is an article written by my sister Ruth, which recently appeared in the newsletter of Fourth Presbyterian Church of Louisville, KY (my home church growing up, where my family still worships).
Stories Behind the People: Richard Wright (by Ruth J. Wright)

When you think of Richard Wright, many of you may picture "Nancy's husband," or "the guy with the beard who sings in the choir," or "the guy who takes care of a lot of Property issues at church," or, more recently, "the guy who rides the Harley to church" (weather permitting) - but you may not know that Richard is a Model Maker. Richard has been putting together models "for as long as he can remember," and has built models of cars, trains, planes, and practically anything else you could think of. Thinking back to his school days, Richard would say his days in the wood and metal shop, or his drafting classes, or his time building sets for the college community theater troupe were infinitely more enjoyable than his other classes. At one time, Richard thought he might go into model-making for movies (his boss at Bechtel actually did some of the models for the original "Star Wars" movies). Richard's first professional job out of school was building models for Bechtel, an engineering, construction, and project development company that works on projects worldwide. After working for Bechtel for 10+ years, moving his young family around the country whenever a job was completed, Richard decided to settle in Louisville and begin work as a Piping Designer for DuPont. He has now been with DuPont as a contract employee since the mid-1980s. When he's not at work, Richard continues to build models at home - some for pleasure (you should see the fantastic garden and basement railroad he's been constructing for years), and some for his independent modeling company, "Model It Wright." A few years ago, Richard was contracted to build models of some of the proposed bridge designs for the Ohio River. The picture [above] shows Richard with 2 of the bridges he built for the city. These bridge models have been on display at the Kentucky Center for the Arts and several other prominent locations since their completion. His current projects involve more bridge-building, helping his daughter, Ruth, renovate her house, and continued development of his garden railroad (and koi pond), which will be featured in the 2008 World's Greatest Hobby on Tour in June.

Every member and friend of Fourth Presbyterian Church has a story to tell. We want to hear yours! Please send your stories to Joe Raymond or Ruth Wright for inclusion in upcoming issues of the church Newsletter.

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  1. Mom, dad, and Nick have since corrected me that it was the "Star Trek" TV series, not the "Star Wars" movies that Dick Dayton worked on models for... but thanks for posting. :)



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