Monday, June 16, 2008

The Summer Begins

Yeah, yeah. I know that, technically, the summer doesn't actually begin until the 20th. But for most of us in the academic world, we mark the beginning of summer by the end of the academic year. For most of Fuller, that was Friday. All student assignments (should) have been turned in, and Fuller had its commencement ceremony this past weekend. Although professors and TAs still have all of that grading ahead of them, most of us can say that the summer has now begun.

This past week was a particularly crazy one, as my office is the one that receives many (but by no means all) School of Theology assignments. Sometimes, I can deal with the increase in chaos just fine. Other times, not so well. If I was anything less than professional and polite with anyone who turned in a paper here (or who tried to turn in a paper that didn't, in fact, come here) last week, please accept my apologies.

My own summer plans are a bit in flux. I do expect to be able to take a trip in July to be a Small Group Leader at two weeks of the Montreat Youth Conferences in Montreat, NC. Although I'm a bit nervous about taking on this responsibility that I've never done before, I am very much looking forward to seeing Montreat and being a part of the Youth Conferences again. Thanks to Blogger's "scheduling" feature, I'm already making arrangements to ensure that the Friday Transformer reviews will continue uninterrupted. I'm still deciding what to do about Mondays and Wednesdays during that time, and will no doubt have more to say as July approaches.

The summer is also a season for both Michelle's and my birthdays (hers is on Saturday, mine is in August) and our anniversary (end of August), so we're hoping to take a few "mini-vacations" that don't actually involve a great deal of travel (I don't need to mention gas prices, do I?) to celebrate.

But beyond those things, I'm not sure what the summer holds. In the short run, I'll be moving books from office to office as the School of Theology Dean's Office switches places with the SOT Academic Programs Office (my own office isn't moving, but since I work for the Dean's Office, I still help with the move). But in the long run, I'm finding this particular time this year to be one of enormous potential, but little certainty. There are several things in the works (including that stint in Montreat) that all have the potential to be life-changing, but it could just as easily be the case that I'll find myself in very much the same place come September as I am now. I don't know if that's good or bad, but I do expect that there will be some interesting times ahead. I'll to keep everyone posted as I'm able.


  1. The "why" hasn't been especially described to me, and I've learned not to ask. What I do know is that, with Jeannette's retirement, if such a thing is going to happen, this seems a good time.

    So Howard will be in Jeannette's old office, Linda Peacore will be in Howard's, Cathy will be in the "main office," (where Whitney and Ellen, who's already gone as of this past Friday, were), Whitney will be in Linda's office, and whoever we hire to take Ellen's position will be (more or less) where Cathy was.

    Definitely a kind of "SOT Musical Chairs."



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