Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Notes from Montreat: First Half of My Second Week

As I write this, it's Tuesday night of my second week in Montreat. There's not much point in going through the play-by-play of what this week is like, since so much of it is the same as last week. The actual youth are different, of course, and so I have a new Small Group to lead, and it's certainly not quite the same experience as last time. But I think the group is starting to come together pretty well. The real challenge has been dealing with some expected meeting space issues.

As I indicated last week, my Small Group is meeting on the third floor of the Winsborough, which is one of the lodging spaces owned by the conference center. They're trying to get the place cleaned this week, and so they actually arranged to have no one living in the building this week. But somehow or another, the Small Group assigned to that location didn't get relocated, so when I came out of the building on Monday morning, I surprised a couple of housekeepers who didn't expect anyone to be around. Then, later in the day, I found the building had been locked when I needed to get back in! Upon learning of this, I spent the next hour tracking down the people I needed to talk to in order to get the situation straightened out. I was then able to arrange to have the building left unlocked for the hours of the day I knew I'd need it. Then, on Tuesday, as we arrived for our afternoon meeting, we found that something that had been done as part of the cleaning process was leaving an unpleasant odor (kind of like burnt popcorn), so we moved the bulk of that meeting outside to the parking lot. We'll see what adventures await for the rest of the week!

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