Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Free David Scholer Resources

I've had David Scholer on my mind a lot lately. No surprise, I'm sure, given his passing less than a week ago. It turns out that the funeral will be held on Saturday, which also happens to be the 5th anniversary of Michelle's and my wedding (a wedding that David officiated). We all find our own ways to grieve and deal with the loss of a dear friend. For me, I've been spending a lot of my "online time" looking for items written by or about David. Besides the bits that I've written already, a lot of other folks have been sharing their own reflections, as well. Fuller PhD student Pat McCullough has shared not only his own thoughts, but also a list of many such reflections on his own blog. Included in that list is a link to the Baccalaureate address David preached just a few months ago.

Here are some other resources (all free!) of David Scholer's legacy that I've found while surfing the Internet. Enjoy!
EDIT: 8/28/08 - Last night (it's dated today, though), the Los Angeles Times released an obituary article on Dr. Scholer. My wife Michelle was interviewed as part of the preparation for the writing of this piece. Although she is not quoted directly, it's pretty easy for me to see ways in which she influenced the direction in which the article ultimately was written.

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