Monday, August 18, 2008

Taylor Hall: My Temporary Office

Taylor Hall CATS Student CenterWell, we've successfully moved our offices out of Payton Hall, and are in our temporary places for the next two weeks. I'm currently located in Taylor Hall. Like many "halls" on this side of Fuller's campus (the southeast side, for those who care), Taylor Hall is an old historic house which Fuller has repurposed for academic use. Among other things, this is where the School of Theology's PhD programs are administered these days. I have been placed in the student lounge, so thanks to all the PhD students who have sacrificed the use the couch in here for the next couple of weeks while I'm in here. (It's a pretty nice couch, too!)

Temporary Taylor OfficeI'm pretty much set up all along this wall. My computer, my phone, my Bible, pretty much all the documents I'm likely to require access too, and a few photos and Transformers stuff; it's all here. Basically, the wall wins out simply because of the location of the network box (visible in the lower-right corner). I pretty much have to have an Internet connection, or I can't do much of anything!

Taylor Hall Penny PostOne of the lesser-known truths of this building is that it used to serve as a dormitory for Fuller students many years ago. In fact, my understanding is that a couple of current professors here used to live here back when they were students! I don't know if those pennies were stuck in the staircase pedestals back then, or if that's a more recent phenomenon, but it definitely adds to the unique character of the building.

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