Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Reflectionary: A Change of Plans

On Saturday, I announced that the weekly Reflectionary post would be moved to Tuesdays, effective today.

That entry is written, but there's been a change of plans.

Starting this coming Saturday, I will be contributing weekly lectionary reflections (I don't yet know if the Reflectionary title will be retained) to the Presbyterian Bloggers site.

Since I was unaware of this change only a few days ago, an explanation is in order. Last Monday, a post went up asking for a volunteer to contribute "a weekly 'Chewing on the Word: Lectionary Ruminations' on Saturdays." Since the request seemed a bit similar to what I was already doing with The Reflectionary, I sent an e-mail offering my services, and suggesting that the site coordinator check out the work I'd already done to see if it matched what they were looking for.

Meanwhile, I was already considering changing when my weekly post would go up. Transforming Seminarian has a fairly limited readership, dependent upon Google hits as much as word-of-mouth to generate hits. I keep track of the page hits to this site, as well as where viewers found it from. I found that most people who found the Reflectionary posts were finding them via Google, but only after the Sunday worship gathering for which the posts were intended. A Tuesday posting would have given people more time to find the posts before the readings would be used in church. With almost a week having passed since I sent the e-mail to the Presbyterian Bloggers site, and not having heard anything, I decided to go ahead and announce the change.

Yesterday morning, I got an e-mail from the Presbyterian Bloggers site coordinator which said "Let's give it a whirl and see how it goes." Another e-mail, sent at the same time, granted me access to the site, where I found that I'd already been announced as the new contributor of "Weekly Discussion of the Lectionary." Since that site has a larger readership than mine does, the Saturday posting date is much more appropriate.

Since I have no desire to dilute the effectiveness of my contributions before I've even started posting them to the new venue, it seemed best to postpone the entry intended for today, and post it over there on Saturday. See you there!

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