Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The 99 Cents Only Store... Isn't

Financial stuff is on the news all over the place these days. This is a far cry from the crisis on Wall Street, but it certainly shows the current pressures on the market in its own way. Several months ago, I noted that even the "99 Cents Only" store wasn't immune to inflation. It turns out that they had only just started....

I first realized something was up when I noticed a little addition to the price tags. You may have to click on the image to look a little closer, but that blue dot to the right of the large "99" has ".99" written in it. Yes, the price is now "99.99 cents."

The receipt is even more clear. Every price is now carried to four decimal places. For all intents and purposes, the price of most items is a full dollar. A person would have to buy fifty items (thanks to rounding) before they'd get that penny back compared to if the price really was a straight-forward dollar.

Of course, then they'd have to change their name, and that would cost money! Can't have that!

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