Monday, November 10, 2008

iPod Old Time Radio

Back when I was growing up, I got into the habit of listening to the radio as I went to sleep. I would typically set the radio so that it would play for only an hour, after which time it would shut off automatically. That was usually more than long enough for me to drift off, and I always found listening to the radio to be relaxing.

When I started seminary, I discovered Old Time Radio downloads on MP3, and learned about shows such as The Great Gildersleeve and the old Abbott and Costello Show. I also found I was able to locate old Doctor Who audios from the 1960's, for which the video no longer existed, and was able to enjoy them as audio programs in a similar vein, using the computer or CD player in my studio apartment at the time.

But when I got married, I had to quit that habit for a while, since I would no longer be the only person subjected to such nighttime indulgences. And although my wife and I share some fairly similar attitudes towards social values today, I think it's safe to say that I hold a greater tolerance for outmoded attitudes being depicted in entertainment of the era. As it has been said elsewhere, some of these attitudes "were wrong then, and are wrong now," but it's important not to forget that they ever existed. Even so, I am often embarrassed by some of the more racist or politically incorrect depictions that sometimes come up in these old stories.

But even while acknowledging that some of these depictions were wrong, these shows also contain some wonderfully entertaining writing that can often transcend their era, and I do enjoy listening to them. Thankfully, when I finally got an iPod about a year ago (Yes, I know. "What took me so long?"), I was once again able to indulge in my Old Time Radio hobby at bedtime.

The Apple iTunes Store has a number of podcasts available dedicated to Old Time Radio, but I quickly found out that a number of them aren't updated very often any more. Among those that are still releasing "new" episodes from the era weekly (or even more often), I enjoy Dragnet, Superman, and Case Closed!, a crime stories anthology that shares examples of a number of old shows.

For those of you who have an interest in "the way things were," I'd recommend giving these shows a look, or rather, a listen!


  1. I think you should thank your brother for getting you current with the iPod times... :)

  2. For those who enjoy Old Time Radio, a reader has asked to share his CBS Radio Mystery Theater website:

    It has all 1,399 episodes of CBS Radio Mystery Theater episodes all online searchable by plots, actors, and writers.




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