Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Reflections

As 2009 approaches, I feel that I should have some deep and profound thoughts. Certainly there was a lot that happened in 2008, both good and bad. And I doubt that I'm alone in looking at 2009 with an odd mixture of hope and fear. Indeed, I must confess that I feel the opportunity for change in the New Year more acutely this year than I can recall in any other year in recent times. Still, I have to say that I feel utterly inadequate to come up with words sufficient to convey these feelings.

There's much that I could talk about: the economic situation, the new presidency, the fact that BotCon will be in Pasadena this May; but I don't really feel up to it at the moment. Certainly, there's plenty of more qualified analysis of the first two subjects out there on other people's blogs, and I doubt that anyone's coming to my blog to read about that stuff in any event. As to BotCon, I actually do expect to do a listing of "things to do" in Pasadena for the benefit of those Transformers fans who aren't familiar with the places to eat, the hotels you could stay at (possibly for cheaper than the "official" hotels, that is), or the attractions in the area. But I need to take more time to get all that information organized, so I'll shoot for the 7th on that.

So, with that promise, I'm going to close out 2008. If 2008 has actually been good to you, I hope you see those blessings continue. If the year has been less than kind to you, as I expect it has for many, I hope that 2009 brings better things.

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