Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Potable Punnery

Sorry for the late entry today. I spent most of yesterday away from computers. No, I wasn't exercising some Lenten discipline (at least, not on purpose), but I was involved in an all-day activity that was part of continuing efforts to seek PC(USA) ordination, and was too tired when I got home to get the blog entry finished.

While shopping recently, I've come across some rather interestingly-named products in the alcoholic beverages aisle. Although I myself don't drink, I still find this kind of thing interesting. For example, while shopping at Cost Plus World Market a few weeks back, I came across this wine called "Pinot Evil," with an appropriately monkey-themed label.

Then, yesterday, I found myself at Galco's in Los Angeles, where I saw these packages of beer called "He'Brew." My wife apparently first discovered this brand while on her trip to Jerusalem last year, but I still thought it worth mentioning again. If nothing else, the name's pretty clever.

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