Thursday, September 24, 2009

Update on My Mom's Hospital Trip

Yesterday at about 10:00 am EDT, my mom (who still lives in Louisville, KY, where I grew up) experienced some odd symptoms of numbness running down her arm, and then her whole side.  This apparently lasted for several minutes, and so she told some of her co-workers about it, and was told to call her doctor, who told her to go to the nearest hospital.  After a 5-hour wait in the emergency room (I really need to start posting more about the need to reform our health care system!), she was checked in.  She was given an MRI, kept for observation overnight, and given an EKG this morning (apparently there have been other tests, as well).  So far, nothing has determined the cause of Mom's symptoms yesterday, and they've ruled out a stroke.  As of a message from my sister at about 10:00 am (PDT, 1:00 pm EDT), they are about to let Mom out of the hospital.  Here is the full report from my sister:
[Mom's] just waiting for the doc to come back & release her, really. Awaiting results of the EKG (I think that's the correct acronym for echocardiogram) doesn't really expect it'll show anything, though.

Anticipates that doc will let her go home after discussing those results, but lady who brings lunch said "she'd be by in awhile to take [mom's] order for dinner and breakfast."  There doesn't seem to be any reason to keep her another night, though.

Anyway - doc said cholesterol levels are *slighty* elevated - not awful - but may be good to start her on cholesterol meds.

And arterial scans indicate no major blockages, but some of the smaller arteries are rather narrow (and therefore, somewhat constricted), and so a low-dose aspirin regimen probably wouldn't hurt, either.
That's all I have for now.  To those who have been following this story since yesterday via Facebook or Twitter, thanks for your continued prayers.

UPDATE: 3:00 pm PDT - Apparently Mom's still got more tests scheduled, so will be staying another night.  Someone's not telling someone something....

FURTHER UPDATE: Well, actually, they released Mom at around 9:30 pm (EDT) that evening, and didn't keep her a second night after all.  They never have determined any definitive cause, and Mom's feeling fine now, so let's just hope that aspirin does the trick.

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