Monday, December 21, 2009

Congratulations to Diane Sawyer

When I first enrolled as a student at Seneca High School in 1988, I was told of two particularly notable alumni from the school.  The first was Jerry Abramson, who was already serving as mayor of Louisville, and who I have taken to playfully calling "Mayor for Life," because he still holds that position today (I should note that he hasn't held the position continuously that entire time, and the city itself was restructured entirely between his two tenures).  The other was Diane Sawyer, who this evening becomes the anchor of ABC's World News.

Sawyer becomes only the second woman to become the solo anchor of a nightly network news broadcast (the first being Katie Couric.  For some reason, people seem never to count Elizabeth Vargas, who was de facto solo anchor for a time when Bob Woodruff was critically injured, taking him out of the co-anchorship they began to share earlier that same month).  This honor comes after an already significant career spanning just over four decades, most recognizably as host of Good Morning America for the past ten years.

I've never met Sawyer, but feel that I simply must take this opportunity to say "congratulations" to a fellow Seneca alum!  May her tenure as anchor be long and distinguished!

Unrelated to Sawyer's promotion, I discovered while researching this entry that another Seneca alumni, writer ZZ Packer, is listed in the Seneca High School entry on Wikipedia.  ZZ graduated just a couple of years before I did, and we often played together on Seneca's "Quick Recall" team.  I confess that we fell out of touch after graduation, but I'm always glad to see that friends are doing well.

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  1. Seneca forever, loyal and true! Our hearts will never change our love for you!



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