Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pulpit Dedicated at Fourth Presbyterian Church, Louisville, KY

This past Sunday, a new pulpit was dedicated in the sanctuary of Fourth Presbyterian Church in Louisville, KY (my home church while I was growing up).  It incorporates the seal of our denomination, the PC(USA).  For those unfamiliar with the symbolism behind the seal, I refer you to the official website.  Since one of the things symbolized in the seal is a pulpit, it only seems natural that this expression should be represented in literal fashion, as well as figurative.

This pulpit was constructed by my parents out of oak and padauk wood over the course of three months. Padauk is a dense red wood from Africa, used to offset the seal from the rest of the pulpit.  Here is a picture of my dad with the pulpit before it was varnished and glued together, but with all of the pieces finally ready.

And here's one more shot before varnishing, viewed from another angle.

The pulpit was dedicated to two long-time members of our congregation who have passed away in recent years: Mary Burks and Richard Harden.  Both of whom I knew well while growing up, and Mr. Harden was especially involved with our youth group, accompanying us on trips to Montreat for youth conferences and so forth.

Here is the full text of the dedication plaque:

Dedicated to the memories of Mary Burks and Richard Harden December 20, 2009.


  1. Actually, mom wound up making the Dedication simply read "Dedicated to the memories of Mary Burks and Richard Harden December 20, 2009" - it was a lot cheaper for fewer words. Though I prefer the original wording.

    Also, I sang Nichole Nordeman's "Legacy" for the service (if you care) - I thought the line (paraphrased slightly) "Children of mercy and grace, who blessed His name unapologetically" was particularly well-fitting for the honorees.

  2. Also, December 20th (day of the dedication) was Richard Harden's birthday.

  3. I can certainly understand why Mom would want to spend less money. I was going on old information (kind of had to, since she hadn't told me anything in a couple of weeks).

    Change made.



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