Thursday, December 03, 2009

Questions for PC(USA) Moderator Bruce Reyes-Chow

PC(USA) Moderator Bruce Reyes-Chow recently sent out a call for people to ask him questions.  Having followed him for the past couple of years, I decided "why not?" and so am sending the following questions, to which he promises to respond within the week.  In keeping with the agreement, his responses will be posted unedited.
  1. While you've made your own political convictions known, you have also made it clear that you truly do wish to be in conversation with Presbyterians (dare I say, "Christians of any denomination"?) of differing convictions. What have you done to build trust and relationship with believers who have such clearly opposing viewpoints?  Do you think it's possible for believers with diametrically opposed interpretations on (what at least one side would consider) core issues to coexist?  How can we worship God together?
  2. Having followed you on your various blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and the God Complex Radio podcast, I feel safe in saying that your reputation for exploring the potential of current technologies for worship and theological reflection is well-deserved. Is there any single technological breakthrough that excites you more than others? Why that one? What would you say to others who just don't understand the big deal about such technologies (full disclosure: although I do have a Twitter account, that is certainly one technology that I've never really "gotten," in terms of understanding either the appeal or how it might be profitably used)?
  3. Although I don't think we've ever actually crossed paths in person, it is my understanding that we both have backgrounds with the Montreat Youth Conferences in multiple capacities.  How would you describe the Youth Conferences to someone who has never been?  Would you recommend this gathering for all youth, or under what circumstances might you argue that it isn't for them?  What alternatives might you recommend for a church that is too far removed from the mountains of North Carolina to make attendance viable (I currently attend a church in Pasadena, CA, and I'm sure you know churches in San Francisco that have found attending difficult, if not impossible)?
  4. What would you consider the strengths of the PC(USA)'s current process for preparing would-be pastors for ordination?  What would you consider the weaknesses of this process?  If you were able, what changes might you suggest?
  5. Having tried my hand at podcasting for a brief spell (archives can still be found via the Internet Archive), I've been following God Complex Radio with interest, and I have a concept for the effort that goes into putting out a program on a weekly basis (of course, "The Reflectionary" was on a much smaller scale than God Complex Radio!).  What gave you the idea to take on such a project?  Given your multiple responsibilities, what made you think you could maintain the energy needed to keep it going?  What steps did you take to ensure (or "increase the possibility of"?) the success of the effort?  If you could change one aspect of that "start up" effort, what would it be?  Would you be interested in the possibility of adding a new co-host who talks entirely too much about Transformers toys?  (OK, that last one's not entirely serious, but I just had to ask!)
UPDATE: Bruce's responses may be found here.

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