Wednesday, July 28, 2010

10 Years Working at Fuller

The new office
Today, July 28th, 2010, marks the 10th anniversary of my first day at work at Fuller Theological Seminary.  At the time I had started work here, I was almost finished with my MDiv, having only an internship left to complete.  I could have done that internship in Kentucky, but felt that I needed to stay in Southern California for just a little longer.  I expected to stick around for about a year, finish up my degree, and then move on to whatever else it was that God was calling me to do.  The position of Faculty Assistant has, historically, entailed the kind of work that students do while finishing up their studies, and having done work of a moderately-similar nature while I was in college (among many hats that I'd worn there), it seemed a natural fit.  

One year became two.  Two years became two more.  I got married, and knew that we'd need to stick around another year or two while my wife finished her degree, and so on.  I tell people that I've never been here expecting to remain here for more than another couple of years at a time, yet I've now been here for a full decade.  In that time, I've taken on additional responsibilities as my experience has become more and more valuable during times of budgetary uncertainty and staff reductions (usually, if not quite always, through attrition).  I now have responsibility not only to the faculty of Fuller's School of Theology, but also to the operations of the School's Dean's Office.  I make sure that expenses are attributed to the appropriate budgets, train new employees, distribute paychecks, and other duties in addition to the direct assistance to faculty members I've provided since I first came on board in the summer of 2000. 

I've seen numerous co-workers come and go, and few people would be more surprised that I've remained than I am myself.  The pay hasn't always been what I'd prefer, but it's kept me solvent through times when many can't even say that much, and I've certainly gotten quite a few "intangible" benefits over the years, including friendships with many fine people, both professors and other seminarians.  Just a few weeks ago, during discussions intended to make our operations even more efficient, I was asked to move from the office I've used since first starting my job here, to a larger office within the Dean's Office itself.  I still have my own space (which, as an introvert, I quite appreciate), but I am much more closely plugged-in to the rest of the School of Theology operations, and thus am better able to handle some of the increased responsibilities I've taken on over the years.  I have truly enjoyed my time here, and look forward to continuing to serve this community for some time to come.

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  1. "I could have done that internship in Kentucky, but felt that I needed to stay in Southern California for just a little longer." I can completely relate to that from personal experience.



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