Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Blogging Holiday

Well... actually. Yes.

For the first few years of this blog, I took a holiday break from new posts every Christmas season. This past few years, I've gone straight through. Part of the reason for this is that I'd determined not only that it was good for me to keep up a discipline of posting three times a week as often as possible, but that it was that much harder to get back into such a rhythm after a long vacation.

This year, however, a confluence of personal and professional developments (many of which are positive, or at least potentially so) are dictating that I need to devote my energies elsewhere for the time being.

The blog isn't going anywhere. There is still more than seven and a half years' worth of posts to wade through if you're really interested. Not only that, but I do still have two more "30th Anniversary" video game posts that I committed to within these last two months of 2012, and those will still be posted in the appropriate months.

I fully expect to return to posting fresh entries after things settle down. Hopefully shortly after the New Year begins.

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