Thursday, March 02, 2006

Celebrating Five Years at the Seminary

Today was the annual Faculty and Staff Awards Convocation at my seminary. Although I actually started work in July of 2000, this is the event at which I was recognized for working at the seminary for 5 years. Although I am mildly uncomfortable at such events, it is nice that the seminary does make such an effort to recognize its workers who have stayed with the seminary for significant amounts of time.

I was especially touched by the bio my supervisor wrote to accompany my name on the convocation program:
[B-W's] work is at the center of the academic mission. Assisting 15 faculty members, he provides instructional and administrative support along with help to students. [B-W] has staffed faculty committees focused on degree program review, assessment, new faculty searches, and divisonal business. Part of the dean's office team, he assists with operational projects and event coordination. An MDiv graduate from [this seminary] and former Arts Concerns chair, [B-W] has an interest in worship, theology, and the arts. He has been a contributor to [the annual seminary variety show] and other creative endeavors. [B-W] is known for his Transformer collection, displayed in his office.
Although I was given the opportunity by my supervisor to suggest ideas for the bio, all I suggested was the very last line. I'm rather glad I didn't make any other suggestions, as my supervisor mentioned more aspects of my seminary involvement than I would have ever thought to mention on my own. I mentioned recently that was looking over my resume in an attempt to update it, but was having trouble thinking of details that might be attractive. I think now that I'll just cut-and-paste portions of this bio. This bio means a lot more to me than standing up to be recognized to gain a few seconds of applause in a convocation, and I greatly appreciate the effort my supervisor, a fairly quiet, unassuming person herself, undertook in order to respect my contributions to the seminary.

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