Friday, April 21, 2006

Bloggy Birthday

I have an article being published in the seminary newsletter today. If you're reading this blog for the first time today, it's probably because you read that article. Thanks! I'll probably post a longer version of that article sometime next week. For now, it's worth acknowledging the fact that on Wednesday I celebrated exactly one year of blogging at this site, although the fact completely slipped my mind at the time.

Since I already posted a fairly retrospective article last week, rehashing all that stuff again would be pretty redundant. So, instead, this seems to be a good time to restate some of the "ground rules" that have arisen over the course of this blog's history.

1. Although most of you who come here already know who I am (I certainly didn't use an alias on the newsletter article!), I go by "B-W" around here, and I ask that neither my real name nor the name of the seminary be used in any comments on this site. This is mostly for spam-prevention purposes, but also to give a (very) slight measure of protection to the seminary in case I say something stupid. Basically, the usual "the views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of the seminary, its affiliates, lackeys, etc...."

2. I do moderate comments. This arose out of the fact that some spammer kept coming on here and posting weird apocalyptic-style messages multiple times on my posts. The "type in the following letters" automated mechanism wasn't keeping this spam out, so I decided to handle comments myself. Oddly enough, no such message has appeared since I've started moderating, even for me to say "no" to. Not sure what to make of that.... Rest assured that I will not edit any of your words (unless it turns out that my or the seminary's name is inadvertently mentioned, but the rest of the comment is still worth posting), nor will I prevent messages from appearing simply because they may disagree with my own views.

3. I retain the rights to the words the I write on this blog under a "Creative Commons" license. This means that I allow people to quote me or otherwise use my works under the following conditions:
  • Please credit me with writing the work. I usually suggest something along the lines of "Written by B-W of Transforming Seminarian."
  • You may not use my work for commercial purposes. There's probably not much (if any) money to be made off of what I write, but I reserve the right to be the one to do it.
  • You should feel free to rewrite, alter, or otherwise build upon my work. But if you do, you may only make the resulting work available under conditions identical to these.
Of course, regular "fair use" rules apply, as they do to any copyrighted work.

Anyway, enough boring stuff. I'll be back on Monday with the latest G2 Transformer up for auction and appropriate commentary.

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