Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day 2008: Some Presidential Thoughts

Despite mentioning yesterday that I used to be a president, I'm not talking about "Presidential thoughts" in terms of thoughts by a president. Rather, I'm referring to thoughts about presidents. I did a series three years ago looking at "Fantasy Presidents" in various media. I figure that today's a good day to call attention to those reflections again:
  1. Mackenzie Allen, of the short-lived television show Commander in Chief
  2. William Harrision, of the novel The President, by Parker Hudson
  3. Lex Luthor, of the Superman comic books
Shortly after that, I shared a reflection on the live debate by the fictional presidential candidates from The West Wing. I was surprised to learn yesterday, during an NPR interview with the actors in that debate: Alan Alda and Jimmy Smits, that the characters they were playing: Arnold Vinick and Matt Santos, respectively, were actually based in part on John McCain and Barack Obama. Of course, the writers of The West Wing had no way of knowing that these two would be the actual nominees running two years later. But apparently they both had qualities that the writers particularly admired. That's a good sign for today, I should think. (I'll provide a link to the NPR interview if I can find one)

Finally, I want to share a link from a few years ago that I've been sharing elsewhere these past couple of days. I want to share this for two reasons: 1) This has been a very divisive election cycle. A lot of tempers are short and passions are high. This was the case in the past few elections, too, and I think that humor is a good way of dealing with that kind of situation. 2) I'd like to encourage everyone to vote (if you haven't already). To the extent that it depends on you, don't let this kind of "American Tie" situation happen again!

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